13 Wild and Woolly Camping Locations Around the World

These people are definitely adventurers and daredevils! Much more so than me! They've camped in wild and woolly locations, seemingly remote. And I bet they're enjoying the peace and quiet, as long as the weather doesn't change. I would be praying, with my fingers crossed, that the weather didn't decide to change overnight.

My favourite is the last photo. I wonder what happens when the tide comes in? In Australia, there are plenty of vehicles getting bogged and lost on Frazer Island. Makes their day very interesting - digging out a car!

Photo by Carron Brown (Rodents rule) on Flickr.

The best camping spot ever? Heck yes! Look at all that wide open space. Such lovely mountains that seem to just be within arm's reach. Ah, wouldn't you want to wake up to this sight?

Photo by FrankBruining on Flickr.

Rough. The location itself is about as rugged as you can have it, yet there seems to be something utterly welcoming about its remoteness.

Photo by Travis (Travis S.) on Flickr.

Dream base camp with not another soul in sight. The water and it's calm surface. What could be better than that?

Photo by McKay Savage (mckaysavage) on Flickr.

This camping location in India seems to be an oasis compared to its surroundings, what with a river and the only appearance of grass around. It's the perfect nomad's camp, perfect for some isolated peace.

Photo by NOAA Photo Library on Flickr.

Seaside scenery coming right up! The logs scattered about seemed to have been brought down by a flash flood or storm, but undeniably adds to the charm of the area. All that debris makes the location appear to have been simply forgotten, like no one's been there for eons thus letting Mother Nature throw in her choice decor.

Photo by Pieter Morlion (pieter.morlion) on Flickr.

Like the image says, it's nice to wake up to this gorgeous sight. A perfect mirror for the skies on the water. Amazing and breathless, one can never help but pitch a tent nearby hoping to see this natural display as if closer.

Photo by William Jahncke (troglodyteking) on Flickr.

The name "Desolation Wilderness", an area near Lake Tahoe, is a befitting epithet to this remotely splendid location. Imagine the nights. Imagine the mornings. Imagine being there.

Photo by William Jahncke (troglodyteking) on Flickr.

It's so high up that you'd either fall or fly, a location that is not for the faint-hearted. Though undoubtedly, one could not deny how lovely this is, and the view of the lake below...beautiful!

Photo by William Jahncke (troglodyteking) on Flickr.

The scent of trees might have been lovely. This location speaks more of walking trails and splendid photo opportunities where the blueness of the lake behind makes the best backdrop for those snapshot moments.

Photo by Joseph on Flickr.

How far can you go for some seclusion? Ask this guy. He seems to have found the "Best. Camping. Spot. Ever." We agree.

Photo by Nathan Hollis (Nathan Hollis).

Is this a perfect way to end the day or what? It's rare to find sunsets this beautiful, but when you do, don't just gape, aim that camera and shoot.

Photo by arcsi on Flickr.

Norway. Camping where the rocks and their formation holds a secret purpose only nature knows and perhaps you can ponder about while enjoying the peace and quiet.

Photo by Maurits Vermeulen (MauritsV) on Flickr.

Like what we said, our favorite picture. It would really be hilarious if the tide swept in and buried the car. :')