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Beachkit Aussie Beach Umbrellas

For many years, Beachkit has been responsible for beachgoers all over Australia having the most fun they could possibly have under the sun.

After all, they are Australia’s premier brand of the widest range of beach products that are now being offered at Gazebos Australia to make beach activities more fun and memorable while providing great value, service, and convenience.

Summertime or not, Beachkit’s high quality beach products are perfect all year round — from beach umbrellas, beach tents, beach windbreakers, and a whole lot of other beach gear, making the brand the ultimate beach staple.

This privately owned Australian brand, established in 2011 in the sunny Mornington Peninsula in Victoria,  was a brainchild of a team of beach-loving free spirits who have spent a lot of time at the beach and therefore knew exactly what beachgoers needed.

That’s how they came up with an idea that would make everyone’s beach trip as convenient and hassle-free as possible — to create the best, top quality beach gear at affordable prices.

The Beachkit Umbrella

Australians are no strangers to the great outdoors. The excellent weather and numerous beaches all over the continent always call for a lot of time spent outdoors with good friends and family.

But having fun under the sun also comes with risks. Too much exposure to the sun’s rays can increase a person’s chances of developing skin diseases, including cancer. This a serious health risk that two out of three Australians are diagnosed with some kind of skin cancer by the time they reach 70 years old, according to the Cancer Council.

Since Beachkit was founded by people who love the beach, they knew just what kind of gear would work and what wouldn’t. They have used their own experience in putting together an ideal umbrella range.

Beachkit offers a wide range of beach umbrellas in a great selection of colors, sizes, and designs perfect for every beach trip with your friends and family.

The Beachkit Quality

Beachkit offers a quality guarantee on all the products that carry their name. Part of the reason why their umbrellas are of the highest quality is because they are all made in Australia.

Gazebos Australia carries 19 of these Beachkit umbrellas. These have wide canopies and offer the highest level of UV protection rating.

The umbrellas also have vented tops and are equipped with a Quick Twist base that can lock into the sand at the beach in order to secure it.

All their products are made from high quality materials and come with easy to follow instructions and that means you can enjoy your day at the beach a lot quicker.

One good example of the high quality of the brand’s products is the Beachkit Maxibrella which comes with a 230cm canopy. The fabric is made from mildew resistant Oxford Polyester and the whole contraption is very light in weight but surprisingly strong.

A fun choice for those looking for a good shelter while they are on the beach is the

Beachkit Carnivale Royal Yellow. The color of the canopy of this umbrellas reminds one of its namesake and can be a colorful reminder of just how much fun one can get at the beach.

Top Beachkit products you will love

Beach Umbrellas/Shade Umbrellas

Beachkit umbrellas have extra wide canopies and are rated at UPF 50+ UV protection – tested by ARPANSA. Also, each umbrella has a vented top along with a unique Quik Twist base that will lock the sand and help to prevent blow away. Beachkit umbrellas have an extensive range of colours and styles you can choose from.

Beach Tent/Beach Shelters

All Beachkit Beach Tents and Beach Shelters are larger than standard and do include side vents to ensure ventilation. Also made with high-quality materials and UPF 50+ rated fabrics vented sides.

Beach Chairs/Concert Chairs/Beach Loungers

The top quality Wearever backpack chair with an aluminium frame by Beachkit. One of the most comfortable beach chairs ever. Ultra comfort and hands-free portability. It combines the concept of a backpack and a high-back chair in one easy-to-carry lounger.

Beach Shades/Sombrillas

This product is also made of high-quality materials to ensure your skin protection from the harmful sun rays. Plus they will make you stand out on the beach as well.

Beach Bags/Totes

Beachkit also supplies stylish, fabulous colours and high-quality beach bags. It comes in different sizes – best Large, XL and XXL. Large beach bags and totes help you get all your gear to the beach.

Top Customer Reviews for Beachkit

Here are some reviews made by happy customers of Beachkit:

The chairs and umbrella look fantastic

by Amanda.- The Gap, Qld.

I just thought I’d send you a quick email to let you know that both my umbrella and chairs arrived today – super fast delivery! The chairs and umbrella look fantastic and I can’t wait to try them out! Thanks for the great products and excellent customer service 🙂 Kind regards.

“ Nice one and a BIG thanks!

by  Andrew- Mt. Eliza Vic

Just wanted to say we bought the large 8 ft. umbrella recently and it’s fantastic. They are hard to get hold of especially with this type of build quality and now we only have to carry one umbrella for the family which is especially attractive because although it’s large on coverage the weight is still easy to carry. Nice one and a BIG thanks!

Speedy service

by Janine – Broome, Western Australia

Speedy service – quality product – all good

Great Coverage

by Marj- Main Beach, Qld.

We love the Maxibrella Navy Umbrella- great coverage and so light

Learn How To Install BeachKit Umbrella

Portabrella Portable Beach Umbrella from Beachkit