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10 Tips For An Awesome Market Stall Experience

Setting up a market stall in a neighbourhood or weekend market is a great way to get your store and products out there to a new and vibrant audience. It’s also an enjoyable way to make a sale while enjoying a bit of fresh air.

A market stall can be an enjoyable venture but to make it a truly profitable venture take a look at these tips for what you should do before market day, on market day and during market day. Following these ten tips can help make sure that your market stall is a good experience for both you and your customers.

Before The Market Day

1. Be able to put up your market stall quickly.

The most basic component of your market stall would be a sturdy gazebo under which you can set up shop. Make sure that your gazebo is easy and quick to set up.


A Sturdy Gazebo Is A Basic Component Of A Market Stall. Photos by Spartabots and Donghyup Ryu

Familiarize yourself with your gazebo. Know the parts and label them so you can easily locate what you need when you need it. Practice putting the gazebo up and putting it down so market day itself, you don’t get confused.

Gazebos Australia offers a variety of easy to assemble outdoor gazebos in different sizes that can be used for market stalls.

2. Try and get a space with a lot of foot traffic.

Believe it or not, one of the best places to set up your market stall would be in the vicinity of the public toilets. The reason for this is: Most market go-er’s will go to the toilet at least once that day – and on their way to or fro from there, this is your chance to attract them to your store.

If you don’t want to have your stall near the toilets, you can also try to get a space that is near the food areas or near an entrance or exit – these are also areas that generally get high traffic.


Everyone Has To Eat Areas Near The Food Stalls Get A Lot Of Traffic. Photos by Edsel Little and Mack Male

Before you participate in the market, it might be a good idea to attend it yourself. Try and see which are the high traffic areas. You can also ask the opinions of veteran vendors.

3. Use the power of social networking.

Use your social network to spread the word of your participation in the market. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – social network sites are great ways to not only let people know where you will be offering you items but also to spark their interest.


A Few Posts On A Social Media Site Such As Pinterest Can Generate Interest In Your Stall. Photo by Gazebos Australia Pinterest

Think about teaser posts. Set up a schedule of small daily posts leading up to market day. Show a photo of an item that you’re going to be offering, a countdown to market day and – of course – a reminder of where and when market day will be.

You should also do social networking the old fashioned way – by word of mouth. Make sure to tell all your friends about your market stall and ask them to spread the word.

During The Market Stall Setup

4. Make your stall weatherproof. 

In general, your market stall needs to be a sturdy structure with plenty of room to house you and your wares. It should also be weather proof.


You need a sturdy gazebo to weatherproof your market stall.

Rain or shine, you want customers to be able to enjoy their visit to your market stall, so you need to prepared for whatever weather market day will have.

Make sure that your market stall gazebo is waterproof in case of rain. You might also want to have optional wall installations that you can use to keep more water out and also shield you from the rain. These wall installations should be easy to set up and take down.


In case of rain, you can set up a wall installation.

Even if the sun is out, you still want to be able to easily weather-proof your stall.  Choose a gazebo that has ample shade and even a bit of UV protection.  A nice shady area can entice passers-by to stop and encourage them to browse.  You can use sunshades to increase the amount of covered area around your market stall.


A shade sail can increase the shady area of your stall.

5. Make your stall stand out by being visually interesting.

Your stall should be eye-catching and attractive. It should look different from all the others standing around it.


Eye-catching Displays Create A Visual Interesting Stall. Photos by shankar s. and Heather Cowper

By making your stall stand out, you can make people pay attention to it and spike their curiosity as to what they might find in it. Having a visually interesting stall can also help people find you and your wares. Make sure that there is something that can serve as a landmark which people can take note of.

Take inspiration from the market stalls of others. Here is a gallery of beautiful market stalls found all over the world.

6. Arrange your items for sale so that they are easily accessible.

A stall that encourages browsing – makes it easy – will hold people’s interest and translate that interest into sales. You want to make sure that the items you are offering are placed at a level that makes it both accessible to the eyes and hands for easier browsing.

Easy to see, easy to handle, easy to sell. Photos by Dave Catchpole

Raise items up in creative ways. Instead of placing baskets or trunks on the stall floor, arrange the basket on a table or shelf or place an open trunk on top of several trunks. Not only does it make your stall set up more interesting, it places the items at eye-level and within easy reach for browsing.

Layer the items. Taller items should be placed at the back, while smaller ones should be placed at the front. Arrange all items in a way that ensures that they can all be seen clearly.


Display Your Items In A Way That Makes It Easy For Visitors To Browse. Photos by Guldem Ustun and KittyKaht

Here are some creative market stall displays to draw inspiration from.

During The Market Day

7. Use the market stall as a branding opportunity.

Market day is not just a day to sell, but it’s a day to make your business known. You need to make sure that people coming to your stall know who you are and what you provide. Make sure that your market stall reflects your business identity.

Have clear signage. Make sure people know whose stall their visiting and give them an idea of what they might find inside.


Use Signage To Make Sure People Know Who You Are And What You Offer. Photos by Pedro Reyna

If your business has a logo, now might be the time to make sure the public can see it. Place the logo not only around your stall but on your items and packaging. You want people to be able to remember who and where they got an item from.

8. Have business cards.

While much of your market day sales will come from impulse buys – they see it, want it, buy it – keep the door open to future sales.


Turn Today’s Browsers Into Tomorrow’s Customers – Provide Them With Your Contact Details. Photos by Anemone Letterpress and Borislav Dimitrov

Few people come to a market with a set idea of what they will buy and take away at the end of the day. Many come simply to browse and while these browsers may not become daily sales, you want to retain their interest.

A business card that browsers can take away with them is a good way to make sure that you and your items remain on their mind. Make sure to provide them with an address of a physical or online store and how they can contact you when they make up their mind to make a purchase.

Another less formal alternative to a business card would be a flyer or brochure. This could also feature an item or price list to remind the customer of what you can offer.

9. Offer Freebies

Everyone likes to get something for free and offering a freebie is a way to make sure that visitors to your market stall walk away feeling good about your encounter.

Business cards, flyers and brochures can count as freebies but it might also be better to offer something a little less formal and a bit more fun. Try offering stickers or button pins with your store name and contact info.


Simply Putting Your Logo On Packaging Or Freebies Such As Button Pins Of Stickers Keep You And Your Stall On Your Customers Mind. Photos by George Strouzas

Discount coupons are another freebie you might want to consider. You can have someone hand them out at the entrances of the market to encourage people to look for your stall. You can also hand them out to people who’ve already made a purchase to encourage them to come back.

10. Be friendly!

A great way to encourage market goers to be interested in what you have to sell is to get them interested in you. To do that, you need to build a rapport with your stall visitors.


A Friendly And Approachable Owner Is An Essential Component To A Successful Market Stall. Photos by Vanessa Pike-Russell and Peter Rowley

Smile, it is the quickest and surest way to leave a good impression. When someone comes into your stall, smile in greeting. If someone asks a question, make sure you answer with a smile. When they leave your stall, make sure they leave with a smile.

Learn how and when to make small talk. Have a few stock anecdotes about your business or about the items you have for sale. Make sure they know that they can approach you with questions.

Teach yourself to use sales talk with the tips mentioned here.

These tips would surely make your market stall selling a one remarkable and perhaps an unforgettable experience. You would not only let you set up your stalls with ease and convenience, but also make your market stalls stand out from the rest and attract your customers.