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Gazebo Spare Parts

We stock the largest range of OZtrail spare parts and replacement accessories in our Australian warehouse, ready to be shipped to your door. If you need a new replacement part for your gazebo check the lists below. Sounds confusing? Just click on the Live Chat below and we'll help you sort it out. For all other fittings not found in this page, please send your request via help@gazebosaustralia.com.au with clear photographs or provide an OZtrail item code.

Please note: 

  • Standard 3m x 3m share fittings with no other model
  • Standard Compact and Compact Pavilion share fittings
  • Deluxe Gazebo, Deluxe Mega, Deluxe Pavilion and Deluxe Compact share fittings
  • Deluxe King and Deluxe Mega Pavilion share some fittings with other Deluxe models but also have their own fittings.