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3m x 3m OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo with Navy Blue Canopy


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Gazebo Size Guide

OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo

3m Gazebos Dimensions View Size Comparison DiagramSize Comparison Diagram
Why buy from us

For market stall success, invest in the best - the best gazebo that is! Designed for commercial use, the OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo is a 3m x 3m steel frame gazebo that has been trusted by hundreds of families and traders for years. The OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo:

  • is the ideal size for market stall events around Australia
  • has a sturdy and reliable "Deluxe" construction
  • is easily improved with accessories

3m x 3m - The Best Size for Market Stall Gazebos

The majority of event organisers offer stallholders a limited space to occupy. This is why it is crucial to have a gazebo that is just the right size. The OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo has the dimensions of 3 metres x 3 metres which usually fits the allowed area perfectly.

Reliable Deluxe Construction

TheOZtrail Deluxe Gazebo is equipped with legs and struts that are 30% stronger than those found in the OZtrail Standard Gazebo. Its hardy construction ensures that it will hold up to frequent usage.

Thicker 300-Denier Canopy

On top of the OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo is a 300-denier polyester canopy. That’s a heavier and thicker version of the canopy on the OZtrail Standard Gazebo. Heavier and thicker means it is more durable and offers better defense against the heat. Not only that, it is also water-repellant, silver coated, and has a UPF rating of 50 (98% of UV rays are blocked).

Heavier Weight

The combination of stronger legs and a higher-grade canopy makes it heavier than the OZtrail Standard Gazebo. The increased weight of the OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo improves its overall stability. At 27 kgs, you can be assured that it will stay upright come a sudden change in weather or during a heavy flow of people. To ensure it stays on the ground you can accessorise with 4 x Base Pod Kit.

Easy Assembly and Adjustment

The OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo can be easily set up by two people, thanks to its scissor-action frame. Moreover, adjusting the parts of this gazebo won’t be any trouble at all: its canopy can be pulled taut (to reduce the chances of water pooling during rainfall) by adjusting the straps positioned throughout the frame.

More Height Positions

The OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo offers 3: 190cm, 207cm and 220cm. The gazebo’s height can be changed with a simple click and slide mechanism on each leg. Spare parts are easily available if the components break.


Sometimes your market stall needs a little something to make it more comfortable. Wall kits can be added to increase privacy or set boundaries. Awnings can be installed for better protection against the sun and rain. Whatever it is that you will need, we are sure you will find in the Walls and Other Accessories section.


Moving the Oztrail Deluxe Gazebo from one location to another won’t be a drag: your gazebo comes with a wheeled carry bag that is sure to make the task easier.


  • 3m x 3m ground and canopy coverage
  • Curved frame and steel construction throughout
  • Hip-and-ridge frame that peaks in the centre
  • A heavier and dense 300-denier polyester canopy
  • Silver coated and with a UPF rating of 50 (98% of the UV rays are blocked)
  • Water-Repellant canopy
  • Easy set-up for 2 people. Takes around 2 to 3 minutes
  • Heavier legs and struts (30% heavier than the OZtrail Standard’s) 
  • 3 walk-in height positions - 190cm, 207cm and 220cm : so you can create a more spacious entryway as required
  • Easy-adjustment mechanism: just click and slide each leg up or down
  • Wall Kit-Ready: the frame is attached with hooks and velcro that are compatible to the wall kits
  • Replaceable parts: all parts – from screws to legs – can be replaced. Plus replacements are reasonably-priced.
  • Wheeled carry bag included
  • All Gazebos include 4 x ground pegs and guide ropes for tensioning the gazebo and staking it to the ground.


Dimensions: 3m x 3m
Maximum Peak Height: 315cm
Total Weight: approx. 27kg
Canopy Colour: Navy Blue
Walk-In Height Positions: 190cm, 207cm and 220cm
Packed Size in Carry Bag: 160cm x 30cm x 30cm

All OZtrail Canopy fabrics meet and pass the strict US fire retardant standard CPAI-84 and the UVtex silver coated canopy fabric has been tested in Australia to block out more than 98% of UV Radiation. OZtrail submitted their popular models for testing and have been certified by Australian Engineers for sufficiency of design to meet the Building Code of Australia for Temporary Structures.

Independent Product Reviews

From Melanie,

I ordered the OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo on Tuesday afternoon - a run-of-the-mill, complication free ordering process, paying through PayPal. Early Friday afternoon a courier delivered it. Just one courier mind you, despite the clearly indicated "team lift" recommendation. One long, thin cardboard box. Quite heavy - about 20kg according the web site, which sounds about right.

I was able to quite easily drag the box out to the backyard and with a bit of pushing & pulling, remove from the outer box an inner box! On this was some sage advice:

Important: requires a minimum of 2 people to erect

So I very cleverly enlisted the help of my husband to erect the gazebo and my brother-in-law to take some photos/video.

The product description promises "Quick and easy assembly for 2 people" and I have to say, it's spot on. It was as simple as stretching out the frame (2 people pulling on diagonal opposites), putting the canopy on top (secured with velcro at the corners) and extending the legs to the desired height (there's 3 height settings). Took no more than 10 minutes. And I imagine you could do it faster the second, third, fourth time around.

It would be difficult to erect by yourself, although not out the question, given the right amount of determination.

It's really quite sturdy. I left it up and yesterday's weather deteriorated to extreme rain and wind. This morning it looks as good as the day we erected it. Oh yes, I did stand under it during the rain and it was definitely waterproof from above anyway, for sideways rain it might be worth investing in the walls!

I think we'll find many uses for this gazebo - as an extra sun/rain shelter for camping or for outdoor entertaining (the real challenge of kid's birthday parties is keeping everyone out of the house!) It's so easy to erect you could even take it along to a picnic to provide shade.My 20 month old gave it a pretty good going over, ramming in to legs and pulling on guy ropes and it held firm. Didn't even look like falling down. I particularly like that the frame is all one piece - there's no pieces that can "pop out" and bring down the whole structure.

As for taking it down, it was a piece of cake. The hardest part for me was folding the canopy so it fit properly in to its pocket in the bag. Oh yes, and the guy ropes - I wish I knew how to tie them up in the tricky way they came. So much tidier ...

Useful Gazebo Product Videos

OZtrail use a UVTex Suntough Polyester Canopy which is Silver Lined and provides UPF 50+ Sun Protection (Tested in Australia to block out more than 98% of UV Radiation). The canopy material is Water Repellent, meaning if there is light rain water won't pour through the material, though it may drip through the stitch lines.

In constant or heavy rain the canopy will fill up with water so keep an eye on it because if this happens your frame may collapse and damage the frame and anything, or anyone, underneath it. Once the canopy fills with water it will stretch the material and will never go back to it's original shape (so will sag and move around a lot more in the breeze).

If your gazebo or canopy gets damaged by wind or rain (or misuse) it won't be covered by the OZtrail warranty.

OZtrail Gazebos manufacture a number of gazebos that are re-branded and widely sold throughout Australia under various other brand names at major stores like Anaconda (Spinifex), Bunnings (Marquee Easy Up) and Masters Hardware (Swift Pitch), just to name a few, so if you want to compare models and prices be sure you are comparing OZtrail to OZtrail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Could you please advise if you have 10' by 10' replacement gazebo canopy covers? If you don't sell them, if you could advise anywhere where I could purchase. Thanking you in anticipation. (Feb 2014)
- Carl

A: Unfortunately we don't have any canopies to fit a 10' x 10' gazebo. We do have canopies to fit a 3m x 3m Oztrail gazebo but they will fit OZtrail manufactured gazebos only, http://www.gazebosaustralia.com.au/gazebo-replacement-canopies/
- Gazebos Australia

Q: I have an OZtrail 3m x 3m Deluxe Gazebo.  One corner spring has recessed into the frame and I cant get it out.  Its the one that the scissor arms lock the frame into place.  Is it possible to get a replacement part - or do I have to order a complete new leg for that side?  Any help would be much appreciated. (April 2014)
- Noreen

A: You can purchase a Spring Clip. To install the Spring Clip you just need to take the top corner plastic fitting off then slide the clip down (lining it up as best you can before you push it down) and move it around until it pushes out through the hole. We do occasionally get customers bring their gazebos into our store because they have lost the clip but usually once we take the plastic corner fitting off and push a long screwdriver down the top of the pole, we find the clip and are able to manoeuvre it into place.
- Gazebos Australia

Q: Hi, am just wondering if these gazebos are ok to use as a carport? (July 2014)

A: All OZtrail gazebos are temporary gazebos so not ideally suited as carports. If left up permanantly or during rain you run the risk of the canopy filling up with water and collapsing the frame onto your car. We have heard of customers using them as carports where they have secured them down a lot more and taken the risk of them not collapsing during rain or strong winds but it would really be done at your own risk and it would not be covered by warranty.
Gazebos Australia

Q: Hi! I would like to order a Lower leg for an OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo 3x3. I try to write the code on the searching box but it doesn't come up, come up few items and a compleate leg replacement, but not the one that I want, the code is: ZZ-MPG-GD30-4A. (July 2014)

A: OZtrail only supply complete legs to us when we order them as too many customers were finding it difficult to replace the lower leg only, Complete Corner Legs.

Q: We would like to purchase some gazebos for our School. Commercial quality would be required. (September 2014)

A: All OZtrail Gazebos are designed for temporary use and they don't really have any that are deemed "commercial quality". The Deluxe Gazebo is the most popular model and used by many sporting clubs and market stall holders, the next one up in terms of quality is the Corporate Deluxe model which is also 3m x 3m but has stronger struts (arms that make up the roof section) and a 500 denier canopy (as opposed to 300 denier on the deluxe model).
-Gazebos Australia

Q: We have a Spinifex Premium 3 x 3 Gazebo. We need one replacement scissor arm and I read this is made by OZtrail so replacement parts are available? Thank you. (November 2014)

A:The replacement struts are available and can be found here.
-Gazebos Australia

Q: Hello, can you please advise if a replacement centre pole can be purchased for the 3 x 3 Deluxe gazebo? I can seem to find it in the spare parts listings. (November 2014)

A: We have one of the Centre Poles available to suit the Deluxe OZtrail Gazebo. We don't have it listed on our store so you can either email us all your details and we can send through an invoice for payment or you can phone our store and order it. 
-Gazebos Australia

Q: Does the Deluxe Gazebo require ropes to hold the tent up, or can weights be used at the foot of the tent legs to secure the tent? And if so, do you sell weights? (December 2014)

A: The gazebos come with Guy Ropes and tent pegs and it will be more secure if you use the ropes and pegs however there are also options to use Leg Weights such as Sand Bags or Base Pods
-Gazebos Australia

Got a question before you buy? We're very friendly. Email us.

Shipping and Delivery Information

As you can imagine, delivering gazebos can be challenging for couriers and Australia Post due to size and weight. We will send your order with the company we believe will be best suited based on the products ordered, delivery location, price and expected delivery time. This is calculated on a per order basis, meaning we check every single order to ensure it is sent to you via the best possible service method.

Freight prices are charged based on the physical or cubic weight of the package, whichever is higher, and for delivery via E-Go Road Transport. In some cases we may end up sending the order via Australia Post or on a different freight company (Direct Freight, Fastway Couriers, Brizfreight, etc) if we find their prices to be cheaper and/or their delivery time to be quicker to your location. 

If we use a different freight company and we find their charges to be cheaper we will refund the freight amount you have been overcharged. Check our customer reviews and testimonials; you'll find that our customers often comment on shipping refunds as we find better methods of delivery.

We only charge what it costs us for freight, packaging and handling - We don't add on extra costs to the delivery charge to make money off our customers. 

If you have any questions regarding the cost of delivery to you then please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

Warranty Information

OZtrail warrants this product against defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

This warranty excludes faults or failures caused by improper use and abuse; fair wear and tear; or failure to follow instructions regarding care and maintenance. Products used for a commercial nature are not covered by this warranty against defects.

OZtrail Gazebos are ONLY intended as a temporary shade structure, they are not designed to be left up permanently and/or to cover cars or boats. OZtrail Gazebos should not be left up during heavy or constant rain, strong wind or storms.

Check the OZtrail warranty page for comprehensive warranty terms. Or, get in touch if you need further information or want help finding a spare part.


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