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  • OZtrail Compact Gazebo
  • OZtrail Compact Gazebo (With Mesh Wall)
  • OZtrail Compact Gazebo (With Solid Wall)
  • Mesh walls attach easily to legs. Mesh and solid PVC walls sold separately.
  • Standardised clip and velcro system across the entire OZtrail gazebo range.
  • Standardised clip and velcro system across the entire OZtrail gazebo range.
  • Velcro and stitching close up view
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2.4m x 2.4m OZtrail Standard Compact Gazebo with Green Canopy


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Gazebo Size Guide

OZtrail Standard Compact Gazebo

2.4m Gazebos Dimensions View Size Comparison DiagramSize Comparison Diagram
Why buy from us

The OZtrail Standard Compact Gazebo with Green Canopy is a reliable gazebo that measures 2.4m x 2.4m – smaller than the best-selling OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo.

It is an ideal portable structure to use in occasional sporting events and family picnics because it is:

  • smaller
  • lighter
  • and easy to assemble

Smaller Coverage

A 2.4m x 2.4m gazebo such as this one can accommodate 2-3 people very comfortably. It is possible to squeeze in more but it can get pretty crowded easily. If you are looking for a gazebo to be used as a market stall, the OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo which measures 3m x 3m is a better choice because of its larger coverage.

On the other hand, this will provide enough space and coverage if it will be used in a small family picnic or sporting event where the participants are quite limited.

Lighter Legs

Compared to the gazebos in the Deluxe range, the OZtrail Standard Compact Gazebo has a similar curved frame and steel construction but with lighter legs. Being lighter does not equate to being unreliable - this gazebo will still serve as an excellent temporary shelter.

However, it is better suited for occasional use since it might not be able to withstand being assembled and disassembled frequently.

Lighter Canopy

The OZtrail Standard Compact Gazebo is fitted with 150-denier polyester canopy which is silvercoated and is water repellent. A canopy of this grade will provide you sufficient protection against the harsh sun (thanks to the silver coating) and will keep you dry in downpours.  Being lighter and thinner than the 300-denier polyester canopies found in gazebos in the Deluxe range, this canopy is more prone to tearing and would not repel water for as long as a heavier canopy can.

This is another reason why it is more of an "occasional" gazebo. It is perfect for days when you can predict how long you will be out and perhaps you are surer of the weather.

Increased Portability

Due to its lighter weight, the OZtrail Standard Compact Gazebo is more portable. At 18kgs and with a wheeled carry bag that is included in the package, transporting this gazebo will be a breeze even for families with children or older members.

Dual Height Position

In terms of walk-in height position, the OZtrail Standard Compact Gazebo is a bit limited, offering only two options: 180cm and 190cm.  This is a not much of an issue when it comes to functionality since the gazebo has a hip-and-ridge frame that peaks in the middle, meaning there is more height in that area.


  • 2.4 x 2.4m ground and canopy coverage
  • Curved frame and steel construction
  • Hip & ridge frame
  • 150 Denier Water Repellent Silver Coated UVTex Suntough Canopy:
  • Lighter than OZtrail Deluxe Compact Gazebo
  • Wall Kit-Ready: the frame is attached with hooks and Velcro that are compatible to the wall kits
  • Replaceable parts: all parts – from screws to legs - can be replaced. Plus replacements are reasonably-priced.
  • Wheeled carry bag included
  • All Gazebos include 4 x ground pegs and guide ropes for tensioning the gazebo and staking it to the ground.


Weight: approx. 18kg

Centre Height: up to 2.8 metre

Packed Size in Carry Bag: 97cm x 24cm x 21cm

Colour: Forest Green

Maximum Peak Height: 280cm

All OZtrail Canopy fabrics meet and pass the strict US fire retardant standard CPAI-84 and the UVtex silver coated canopy fabric has been tested in Australia to block out more than 98% of UV Radiation. OZtrail submitted their popular models for testing and have been certified by Australian Engineers for sufficiency of design to meet the Building Code of Australia for Temporary Structures.

Gazebo Care Tips

To ensure that the assembly parts are complete and functional, we recommend that you do a test-run as soon as you receive your order. This will allow you to spot problems and manufacturer's defects right away. Moreover, this will help you become familiar with the assembly and disassembly of the product.

  • OZtrail Gazebos are portable and temporary structures only. They are not designed to be used as permanent structures (i.e. car garage). It is also not advisable to leave them out for long stretches of time (i.e. all summer, all winter). Any damage caused by irresponsible usage of the product will void its warranty.
  • OZtrail Gazebos should not be left unattended in heavy rain. During heavy rain, you must take the precaution to not let the water pool in the canopy. Water pooling in the canopy can lead to breakage and even, collapse of the frame.
  • Stabilize your gazebo by securing it to the ground. Use all the pegs and guy ropes that come with the package, and make sure that they are taut and firm. During heavy rain, remove the canopy to avoid damaging the gazebo.
  • When disassembling, detach the canopy before folding up the gazebo. Failure to do so might result to the canopy becoming torn or damaged by the scissor-action struts.
  • Do not drop the gazebo on the ground when setting up.
  • Do not force the gazebo open when setting up.
  • Clean and dry the canopy before packing.
  • The Manufacturer's Warranty does not cover damage from wind, rain or other forces of nature, accidental or deliberate misuse of the product.
  • Alteration or modification of the products will void its Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Failure to follow the manufacturer's product user instructions will void your warranty.

Product Videos

OZtrail use a UVTex Suntough Polyester Canopy which is Silver Lined and provides UPF 50+ Sun Protection (Tested in Australia to block out more than 98% of UV Radiation). The canopy material is Water Repellent, meaning if there is light rain water won't pour through the material, though it may drip through the stitch lines.

In constant or heavy rain the canopy will fill up with water so keep an eye on it because if this happens your frame may collapse and damage the frame and anything, or anyone, underneath it. Once the canopy fills with water it will stretch the material and will never go back to it's original shape (so will sag and move around a lot more in the breeze).

If your gazebo or canopy gets damaged by wind or rain (or misuse) it won't be covered by the OZtrail warranty.

OZtrail Gazebos manufacture a number of gazebos that are re-branded and widely sold throughout Australia under various other brand names at major stores like Anaconda (Spinifex), Bunnings (Marquee Easy Up) and Masters Hardware (Swift Pitch), just to name a few, so if you want to compare models and prices be sure you are comparing OZtrail to OZtrail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am looking for a small gazebo or marquee however it needs to be the old school style without the concertina folding system. Do you have anything like this or can you please recommend a company that I can try? I have photos of exactly what i m after that I can send to you. (March 2014) 

A: Unfortunately all the gazebos we sell are the concertina style. The only ones we dealt with in the past were Coolaroo brand though we no longer sell them. Last time we see any like the one you described is at one of the large furniture stores (A-Mart or possibly Harvey Norman) or it may have even been Bunnings. 
-Gazebos Australia

Q: Hi, I’m wondering if you have replacement strut arm for Spinifex Leisure Gazebo. (September 2014)

A: By the looks of the Anaconda website the Spinifex Leisure Gazebo is the 2.4m x 2.4m Compact Oztrail Gazebo so these are the arms that should fit, Corner Strut and Mid Strut.
-Gazebos Australia

Q: I have a small car, VW golf. I need a gazebo for dog trials. What would you recommend please? I want it to be easy to set up and take down. (September 2014)

A: The smallest gazebo (when packed up) is the 2.4m x 2.4m Compact Gazebo which measures 97cm x 24cm x 21cm when packed and weighs around 18kg. All the OZtrail gazebos are easy to two people to put up, one person can do it though it is a bit harder and more time consuming and putting the canopy on is a little harder with one person, and the smaller the model the easier it usually is so the Compact Gazebo would be your best option.
-Gazebos Australia

Q: I have 2.4m x 2.4m OZtrail gazebo. I've broken a ridge strut straight section. Do I need to purchase the complete strut or just the straight piece? Thanks. (November 2014)

A: The Compact Ridge Strut is just sold as the complete set, not the seperate arm/s.
-Gazebos Australia

Q: We are trying to find a replacement button for the extension pole on a 2.4 OZtrail gazebo. Are we able to repair this ourselves and what is the item number and where do we purchase it please? (November 2014)

A: If it's the metal button that it can be purchased here, Spring Clip. To install a new spring clip you just need to take the top corner plastic fitting off the gazebo and push the spring clip down (with the button going into the leg first) using a long screwdriver or the like. If your button has gone missing there is actually a good chance it is still inside the leg so you may like to take the top fitting off and shine a torch down to see if it's just popped up a little bit. They are designed to move towards the top of the leg (if installed correctly) should the button ever pop back into the leg.

If it's one of the plastic leg fittings with the button on it than it could be one of the Height Adjustment Assembly or the Top Corner Adjustment Hub
-Gazebos Australia

Q: Looking for a 2.4m x 2.4m OZtrail Standard Compact Gazebo and the Deluxe one looks fine, but can I get solid sides combined with fly wire? If not, can both solid and wire be fixed at the same time on the same wall? (February 2015)
- Martin
A: The 2.4m x 2.4m OZtrail Standard Compact Gazebo long side walls are only available as either solid or mesh, there is no option to have the two together. Because of the way the walls attach to the canopy with velcro and hooks onto the frame it is not possible for you to have both mesh and solid walls attached securely together unless you were to somehow adapt the walls yourself to get them to work.
- Gazebos Australia

Got a question before you buy? We're very friendly. Email us.

Shipping and Delivery Information

As you can imagine, delivering gazebos can be challenging for couriers and Australia Post due to size and weight. We will send your order with the company we believe will be best suited based on the products ordered, delivery location, price and expected delivery time. This is calculated on a per order basis, meaning we check every single order to ensure it is sent to you via the best possible service method.

Freight prices are charged based on the physical or cubic weight of the package, whichever is higher, and for delivery via E-Go Road Transport. In some cases we may end up sending the order via Australia Post or on a different freight company (Direct Freight, Fastway Couriers, Brizfreight, etc) if we find their prices to be cheaper and/or their delivery time to be quicker to your location. 

If we use a different freight company and we find their charges to be cheaper we will refund the freight amount you have been overcharged. Check our customer reviews and testimonials; you'll find that our customers often comment on shipping refunds as we find better methods of delivery.

We only charge what it costs us for freight, packaging and handling - We don't add on extra costs to the delivery charge to make money off our customers. 

If you have any questions regarding the cost of delivery to you then please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

Warranty Information

OZtrail warrants this product against defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

This warranty excludes faults or failures caused by improper use and abuse; fair wear and tear; or failure to follow instructions regarding care and maintenance. Products used for a commercial nature are not covered by this warranty against defects.

OZtrail Gazebos are ONLY intended as a temporary shade structure, they are not designed to be left up permanently and/or to cover cars or boats. OZtrail Gazebos should not be left up during heavy or constant rain, strong wind or storms.

Check the OZtrail warranty page for comprehensive warranty terms. Or, get in touch if you need further information or want help finding a spare part.


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