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Coolaroo Shade Sails Company

Coolaroo is the leading brand in quality outdoor lifestyle products such as Shade Sails.

They have single-handedly set the standard that is yet to be surpassed. Over the years, Coolaroo has been continuously honing their craft and developed products that consistently meet the needs and expectations of Australians all over the country.

Coolaroo has provided an economical solution to a persistent problem - a product that will protect against the harsh Australian heat and outlast the unpredictable Australian weather.

At the heart of Coolaroo's success is a 50-year old technology engineered by Gale Pacific - a new type of knitted fabric now better known as the Coolaroo fabric. By combining monofilament and polymer tape technologies, they created an incredible fabric that can block out UV rays, yet allows air to pass through, keeping those under the shade cool and protected.

Coolaroo understands Australia. They are committed to creating products for the ever-changing and harsh weather conditions of Australia.

Excellent only not in function but in aesthetics as well, it is no wonder why no other Shade Sail comes close to what Coolaroo offers.


Coolaroo is Famous for ...

Coolaroo sells a wide range of portable shade and shelter products as well as specialty items. These include placemats and exterior curtains that boost both indoor and outdoor designs and layouts.

Popular Coolaroo Products Available In Our Store

Gazebos Australia stock popular Coolaroo shade sails. If you don't see what you need, then please email us for a personalised quote.

Coolaroo Desert Sand Extreme Triangle 3.6m Shade Sail

Manufactured using a high quality knitted shade cloth, this unit's curved sides come with sewn webbing and stainless rings in every corner for optimum tension. The shade is a smart and stylish way of providing covrage to your patio, backyard or where you want it to be. The design is simple but very useful when it comes to providing shade and will last longer since it is made with high quality materials. The installation is very easy too, no need to be an expert.

Coolaroo Desert Sand Extreme Square 5.4m x 5.4m Shade Sail

A fabulous shade sail designed specially for the harsh Australian environment, likewise made to be mould and mildew-resistant for longer use outdoors. The shade is designed to block 90% of the harmful UV rays of the sun but will still allow the air to pass through the fabric. This shade sail can also help cool down the area that it covers. You can now enjoy staying at your backyard without burning your skin.

Coolaroo Mist Extreme Square 3.6m x 3.6m Shade Sail

Another mould and mildew-resistant Coolaroo favourite, this 3.6m x 3.6m square comes with UV stabilised commercial grade knitted fabric for greater strength and durability. A simple and yet very effective way to provide shade to your outdoor area where you can comfortably relax. Shade sail also offers environmental benefits since it is an alternative to pergolas and verandahs - with this we can decrease the number of trees that are being cut every day. Also shade sail is very famous to hot and sunny coutries just like Australia.

Coolaroo Charcoal Extreme Square 5.4m x 5.4m Shade Sail

An amazing 5.4m x 5.4m shade sail that provides great UV protection. There are many benefits of installing a shade sail on your house or building - it is considered as a friendly solution for reducing the need of electrical cooling products just like air condition and fans. When you install shade sail it also creates and eye-catching focal point for your exterior designs when placed in your pool area, children's playground, garden and more.

Coolaroo Charcoal Extreme Rectangle 5m x 3m Shade Sail

This beautiful Coolaroo rectangular shade sail is an amazing way to spruce up your backyard while reducing your cooling costs. There are limitless ways you can customize your exterior design with shade sails - whether you want to install it at your patio, deck or playground you will always end up having a good outdoor relaxation area. It can make your patio look more sophisticated from a simple outdoor place. Elegance and style can be incorporated into a garden with shade structures.

Coolaroo Desert Sand Extreme Rectangle 5m x 3m Shade Sail

Another beautiful shade sail unit built to stand the harsh Australian environment while adding more character to your yard. Most of the time we want to stay outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature, but how can we do that when we are expose to the sun - we end up burning our skin. Installing a shade sail in your yard is an excellent way to be outdoors even if the sun is way up high. This shade sail is designed to block 90% of the harmful UV rays  of the sun. Take note that there are many ways to combat the negative effect brought about by the use of air conditioner - you can minimize this with the installation of shade sails.


Reviews for Coolaroo Shade Sails

"Coolaroo Triangle Shade Sail"

by Lesli R. Messinger (Wilmington, NC)

Exactly as described, delivered when expected, excellent quality. It did take some thought to configure where best to attach the three corners. There isn't any "stretch" to the material, however, that is a plus because it stays where you hook it. The [colour], Desert Sand, looks great with our house and deck. The shade does not block the view of our trees and golf course when looking out from the windows of our home. I highly recommend the Shade Sail for shading an area while keeping with the aesthetics of your landscape.

"Nice Shade, Great Price"

by megby (Oklahoma)

...Now that the sail is up though, it's great and I highly recommend for a quicker, cheaper option than building a covered porch or pergola. Also, it comes down really easily when the winds pick up, which is a plus.

"Coolaroo Triangle Shade Sail"

by Rich (Folsom, CA)

Great product. It's very well made and easy to install. What a difference it has made in cooling down our deck area from the hot afternoon sun. It lets plenty of air and light through and looks nice. We've received tons of compliments and comments on how cool it is underneath. Just make sure whatever you attach it to, is strong enough to hold it.

"Excellent product"

by Pete (Oklahoma)

This was the perfect product to cover my patio. I have an L shape with two walls bracketing two sides of my patio. I was able to put this right into the corner...Works and looks great. This looks good and gets lots of compliments. Seems like it will hold up good. The hardware seems sturdy. Has held up to several big storms so far, and you can take down quickly if you want to...Great deal, very pleased. Seems to be a much higher quality than other ones I looked at...

"Coolaroo Shade Sail"

by Carol M. Roman (North Georgia, USA)

I purchased this product to shade my pond. The fabric is excellent quality and the [enclosed] hardware was good too. We live on the side of a mountain in a very windy area and the best part is how the sail handles the gusts of wind. I intend to purchase a second one to cover a sitting area to be completed this fall.

"Better than the average shade"

by J. Isabelle (Tucson, AZ USA)

So, a little over a year ago, I set up cemented-in, metal poles and used 4 cheaper shades. When the Monsoon season hit, the shades' corner linkage tore out and they were flapping everywhere and became unusable.

This summer, I bought 3 Coolaroo shades. These shades are clearly better built with regard to how the corner linkage attaches to the shade and came with quite a bit of hardware (carabineers and turnbuckles)...

Want to read more reviews? Check them out here.

"The Best in Shade Sails"

by James C. Hirschinger (Oroville, CA USA)

Coolaroo is hands down the best in shade sails. This is the second one I've put up. The first is still in great shape after 9 years. The 17'9" square sail is Big and heavy as well as sturdy and well constructed. It requires significant structure to support it. I've used 1/8 steel cables as guy wires for the posts it is hung from, as well as 1/8 steel cable between two posts as a ridge line.

"Great shade for the back patio"

by A DeVal (Chandler, AZ USA)

We bought this to replace a Coleman pop up shade that got shredded in the last storm we had here. Already had a triangle shade that has lasted awhile and so got this larger square one to cover the back patio. It provides great cover while being flexible enough to handle winds and storms without tearing. I would definitely buy from this company again.

"Great shade for a deck or patio"

by wtcdean (Snyder, TX United States)

I've actually had this shade for about two years. I have an exposed deck, and wanted to block the summer sun without spending a fortune for a permanent roof. This shade does the trick. I have it mounted at my second home, and figured I would need to take it down between visits. Not so. It has stayed up since I mounted it. It sheds moisture well (be sure to mount it with an angle so the rain can drain off) and blocks the harsh rays of the sun. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to put up a sun block, this is it.

"Went up immediately"

by James A. Storck (Glendale, CA USA)

This works wonders in shading and cooling part of the patio. The only drawback is that the corners are a little more pointed than I thought...causing more arc in the sides. The hardware that comes with it works perfectly and helps get it mounted tightly. Well worth the cost. Good value.

"Great economical way to add shade"

by Matt Zentz (Indianapolis, IN)

I got this to add shade to our deck and also block out the blinding sunlight beaming into our eyeballs and kitchen right at dinner time. It does a great job. It has held up through several storms and has no issue with rain (although it droops slightly with heavy rain). I attached it to 4X4 posts with a sort of beam extension. These were a bit tricky on my deck, one was angled out from the corner, but we managed and so far they are holding up well. The fabric is very tough and I'm very happy with the quality of the shade.

"An Excellent Sail - Performs As Advertised"

by Gerald B. Curtis (Edgewood, NM)

After about three years use of this Sail in New Mexico sunlight, I would have thought it would have disintegrated. Not so. It is still going strong. I put it under a fair amount of tension to counteract the strong winds we encounter, and there is no tearing or damage at the grommets. The stainless steel hardware provided is superb.

The slightly open weave is just right for excellent sunlight blockage, rain goes through, and snow does not accumulate too badly - until it melts.

"Perfect deck cover!"

by Lili Fox (Hawaii)

We bought this to cover our deck. The trex (fake wood) gets burning hot in the sun and we needed some kind of shade. This is fashionable and gives great sun cover! It's not rainproof (must be clear on this) but a light drizzle will not affect you. We had to build posts to fasten this to. When I say "we" I mean my husband :)

"This square shade sail is perfect!"

by jej (Jacksonville, NC USA)

I was able to install this shade sail in about 10 minutes since there were already hooks installed in the perfect place. The persons who lived in my home previously must have had the exact thing over the pergola. It looks great and does a nice job of keeping the sun and UV rays away. I love it and will enjoy this covering for many years.


by Gracie (Fernley, Nevada)

It does exactly what I need it to do and then some. I'm so glad I went with Coolaroo instead of the cheaper ones. This shade is extremely sturdy and well built. We fastened one side to the house and then on the other side we put three 2x4's into the ground and fastened the other side to them at an angle. The only reason we used three was so that I could but lattice between them and grow some climbing flowers. It looks really great. It took a lot of arm strength to get it tight, but that can't be a bad thing. The temp difference under the shade is significant, and when we get into the heat of summer here in Nevada, I'm confident that this shade will serve it's purpose and keep us cool. It's design is one of a kind and I love it!!!! Well worth the extra money. With these shades, the old saying, "you get what you pay for," most definitely applies.

"The best shade sail and very durable"

by Victoria (USA)

I have a huge Koi pond, and approximately four or five years ago, I stumbled upon the Coolaroo shade sails. My pond receives full sun in California, and this was a problem. I purchased a huge Coolaroo shade (I cannot remember the exact size, but I think it is the largest they make) and figured out a way to suspend it about five feet above the pond. Not only has this Coolaroo shade held up to hot CA summer heat and winter rain and wind, but it has kept fish eating birds from seeing my Koi. Seldom have I purchased an item of any type made with the same quality of Coolaroo. Since I purchased mine a number of years ago, I hope the company has upheld their craftsmanship. If so, I would recommend any of their products for any areas that need shade. Coolaroo shades are unique and come in a variety of colors. The various shapes and colors allow for creativity.
To be clear: I highly recommend Coolaroo products. I love my Coolaroo shade and so do my Koi!

"Excellent choice for shade in the backyard"

by Manfred Kunze (Costa Mesa, CA United States)

Put this up in the backyard and I love it, the family loves it, and I have received a lot of interest from friends. Cools off the back, provides shade, and even helps keep the house cooler by shading the windows nearby. Easy to install if you have some tools handy, or, you can always hire a handyman to do it. We really didn't want to build a permanent structure to provide shade, and this fit the bill.

"Great inexpensive solution"

by David Franck (Littleton, CO United States)

This is a great product for the cost. It comes with all mounting hardware. We use a triangular sail along with a square sail to cover our south-facing deck in Colorado. It lowers the temperature on the deck, cuts the sun, and gives us some privacy as well. With triple digit temps recently, the sails have helped tremendously. For example, you could not walk barefoot on the composite deck without hurting your feet; the part of the deck covered by the sails is barefoot friendly.

inexpensive solution
reduces deck temp to reasonable.
provides shade
extremely strong and durable

Be sure to get the angles on the corners aligned correctly; if not you have wrinkles in the shade.
High-winds - not sure if this is a pro or con. Take down the shade during high winds - 40Mph plus. We bent a number of 1.5" mounting poles. No damage to the sails.

Highly recommended.

"Heavy and durable fabric"

by Sonoma’s Davey (Guerneville, CA United States)

This is a very interesting product. I'm using it to make a sheltered place to keep my car, and it would work equally well over a patio area. The fabric is a tight mesh which is somewhat porous to water, so there probably won't be puddles overhead when it rains. It provides good shade. Each of the four corners is fitted with a heavy metal triangle "ring" to fasten it to the mounts.

Included in the package are 4 mounts you can screw onto your house or garage, plus hardware (hooks and turnbuckles) to attach the sail to the mounts. Everything is of high quality. The parts included might not be exactly what you need to mount the sail for your particular site, so be prepared for a trip to the hardware store for more mounting stuff.

Although the sail is described as "square", it's not really a square. Each side is indeed the same length, but the sides are curved inward. This makes the sail look very attractive in use, but I had difficulty installing it and making it fit where I originally planned. The instructions are pretty helpful, but nevertheless, expect the installation to take some thought and time.

"We love the Sail!"

by Bill Mc (Winthrop, MA United States)

We purchased the sail to cover our side yard. After reading many reviews on many different products we chose the Coolaroo Square Shade Sail. It comes with all the hardware you need to install it *IF* you have the perfect 11 foot space to fit it in, otherwise you will need to buy straps or wires to connect it to your tie down spots. We ended up using automotive tie downs that have built in ratchets to tighten the straps. They work great, very easy to adjust as needed and also something we found out by mistake, the tie downs make it easy to take the sail down QUICKLY if the winds get to high.

Its amazing how much the sail cools down an area without making it seem you are in a tent. I highly recommend the Coolaroo Square Shade Sail. Great quality!


by D Cooper (Houston, Texas)

Bought this to cover an outdoor deck. Its BIG!... almost 18ft square. Used it all summer and just pulled it down because we are only in the low 90's high 80's during October, lol... Nothing like 81 degrees before the sun comes up in October down here in Mexico.

Super heavy, high quality piece. I would recommend judging the size very carefully as this one stretched a few inches after some rain, wind and 108+ degree weather for a few months. I measured just short of the opening I wanted to cover and will have it taken in a few inches before I put it back up. It comes with TWO adjustable hooks (whatever they are called)... I would get two more so you can finely tune each corner. The tighter the better when it comes to this sail, make your measurements count.

"Unbelievable Shade Sail"

by Laura (Milwaukee, WI)

Totally love this product!!! Purchased the triangle shade sail while in Australia. Returned home and needed the square size to complete the look. Amazon had the best price and delivery options. Everyone loves the shade sail. Makes my yard look unbelievable! Neighbors are so jealous.

"A Nice Shade, but will hold rainwater if not positioned correctly!"

by electriccafe (MA USA)

The fabric seems durable. It's more plastic than fabric-like but that really doesn't matter.. The material is great as a sun shade and looks good.

After an early snow our old 12x12 gazebo caved in and only the perimeter metal frame remained. We tied a Coolaroo to the corners and propped a pole in the center to make a peak. The pole runs into a table and is capped with a tennis ball to avoid damage.

But, during a heavy rain storm this spring.. each of the 4 sides filled with 10-20 gallons of water.. I had to run out and push the water out a few times before something collapsed. The fabric holds water which can get very heavy.

It's not Coolaroo's fault.. the instructions say to mount it with two high and two low corners, which is not what we did. If you're worried about rain be sure to mount it per the instructions.

Useful Coolaroo Product Videos

Learn how to install a Shade Sail, tension it correctly or even remove it from your outdoor area. The videos are not produced by Gazebos Australia.

Coolaroo Shade Sail Installation. Video by Jonty Acton on YouTube.

In this video, Jonty Acton will show us the installation process of Coolaroo Extreme Shade Sail 3.6m x 3.6m Square. It is important that once you have've chosen the location for your shade sail, you must know the most correct fixing point. You will also know the exact accessories you will use upon installation.

Coolaroo Shade Sail Installation Overview. Video by Coolaroo by Gale Pacific on YouTube.

This 2 minute video will show you what's inside the your Triangle Coolaroo Extreme Shade Sail package. You will also learn that there are two simple ways on how to install your shade sail - one is the Standard Installation and the other one is the Optional Installation.

Coolaroo Exterior Sun Shade Installation Overview. Video by Coolaroo by Gale Pacific on YouTube.

Learn how to protect your home from sun damage by installing the Coolaroo Exterior Sun Shade. It is made with high quality material and are great solution for windows and patio areas alike. This video will give you ideas on how to install it properly.

How to Remove Coolaroo Exterior Sun Shades. Video by Coolaroo by Gale Pacific on YouTube.

Just like other sun shade products, there will be times where you want to wash it or just keep it aside to welcome the sun inside your home again - here's a quick video that will show you how to easily remove your Coolaroo Exterior Sun Shades.

How to install a Coolaroo Shade Sail. Video by GALE Pacific Limited on YouTube.

Here's another helpful video that will show you the simple way to install your Coolaroo Shade Sail. This video will also help you know the importance of choosing the ideal location, measure the area (length and width) and the exact accessories needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of fabrics that can best help us reduce temperature (heat)?
A: Using lighter fabrics can help lower heat temperatures.

Q: Is the fabric use with your Shade Sail waterproof?
A: Our Shade Sails are not waterproof as it is knitted shade cloth purposely designed to allow airflow and sun protection.

Q: When I install the Shade Sail, will I be able to see a fabric patterns?
A: The Shade Sail is beautifully made where you can't even notice the patterns. During day time the sunlight makes the shade look solid and smooth.

Q: How do I wash my Shade Sail fabric?
A: There's no special process when washing the fabric. Just use a soft cloth or sponge and mild detergent - then air dry. Make sure not to use a machine when washing it.

Q: How difficult is it to clean exterior sunshades?
A: It is not difficult at all - they are practically maintenance free. You can simply use a soft sponge, mild detergent and hose it on a low-pressure setting. Just make sure that the blinds are completely dry before rolling it up.

Q: Do you have specific colors where it is easier to see through?
A: Pretty much you can see well all through the colors. Both dark and light colors have their own advantage - the darker the color is, the easier it is for your eyes to see beyond the fabric, while when you use lighter colored fabric it is better shading coefficient.

Q: Will the sunshades be able to protect everything that is inside my house - such as my furnitures, carpets, etc.?
A: Difenitley yes, the fabric is designed to block damaging UV rays up to 98%, hence, it is the best option to protect your furnitures, decorations and other stuffs.

Inspiration Gallery

Here's a gallery we made for you where you'll get ideas as to where you can install your Shade Sail. Don't let the sun ruin your beautiful day!