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  • OZtrail Navy Blue 3m Gazebo Wall with UVTex Sun Tough silver lining
  • Durable, tough and roomy carry bag. Ideally, you'll fold the wall back into the bag rather than stuffing it. This will help it maintain the quality of the fabric.

3m OZtrail Gazebo Heavy Duty Side Wall Blue


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Out in the open and need protection? This OZtrail Blue, heavy duty polyester wall easily attaches to your OZtrail gazebo.

Easy assembly, in seconds

To assemble, first, start with the black velcro straps and wrap them around the leg poles. The straps are long enough to easily wrap around the poles but not so long that they'll flap around in the wind.

Then, attach the plastic hook to the gazebo frame.

Push the canopy frame up to middle height and you're done in less than 30 seconds!

UVTex sun tough & weather protection

What makes it heavy weight and what difference will this make to your day? Glad you asked!

The wall is essentially made from the same polyester fabric as the lighter weight 150 Denier walls but it is silver fabric lined and uses a heavier 300 denier fabric. The denier weight allows for a thicker material which keeps rain, wind and heat out of your gazebo area.

Combined with the water repellent (hydrophobic) silver lining means the wall is more water-resistant than the 150 Denier standard walls.

With the addition of seams, zips and other desirable features in the wall, a portable shelter such as a gazebo will not be as waterproof as other solid structures. It's important to remember that the wall is not absolutely waterproof. If you're in Cairns during the wet season and the rain is belting down sideways then you're definitely going to get wet.

Attaches to other OZtrail walls

The OZtrail walls easily attach to each other via a plastic zip system. Again, it only takes a few seconds to zip the walls together. This will allow you to enclose more of the gazebo if you need protection from the weather or from wandering hands at a market stall. The zips include fabric covers. Sometimes wind can drive and force water under the flaps and through the zips.

The blue colour will match your standard blue OZtrail canopy. However, keep in mind that if one piece is much older than the other then there may be some fading of colour from the sun.

Please note that this is a single wall only. The gazebo is sold separately.


  • Longer lasting 300 Denier silver coated UVtex Sun Tough fabric with water repellent treatment
  • Can be used on any Gazebo in the OZtrail range with a 3 metre side and 2.1m in height
  • Designed to suit the middle height setting on the Gazebo
  • Zip each end to join multiple walls together
  • Blue colour with silver coating inside

Don't have an OZtrail Gazebo?

Oztrail used to manufacture a number of other brand gazebos and re-brand them so large superstores could sell an "exclusive" item so if you have a different brand gazebo then Oztrail, that you have purchased from a large big box store (BCF, Anaconda, Bunnings, etc), there is a chance Oztrail side walls will suit your gazebo.

Just email us, Before You Purchase, with the brand name and model name of the gazebo you have so we can do some research for you. Oztrail manufactured gazebos always print the brand logo and model on the outside corners of the canopy so if you are able to send a photo of the logo on the marquee canopy it will make the job of determining the maker of your gazebo a lot easier.

Useful Product Videos

Wall Care Tips

  • Do a test-run and set up the wall kit soon after you receive it to ensure that all parts are present. This will also help you become familiar with the assembly and disassembly of the product.
  • Set up the wall carefully and do not use extreme force (excessive pulling).
  • Secure the wall kit to your gazebo by making sure the Velcro straps are pressed firmly together.
  • Let the wall kit dry thoroughly and clean it up before packing.
  • Fold it neatly before storing.
  • The OZtrail Warranty does not cover damage from wind, rain or other forces of nature, accidental or deliberate misuse of the product. Alteration or modification of the products will void its Manufacturer's Warranty. Failure to follow the manufacturer's product user instructions will void your warranty.

Shipping and Delivery Information

Usually when our customers order a single part or gazebo accessory we charge postage per piece. This enables us to efficiently despatch the product so we can get it to you as quickly as possible. If you purchase more than one item we will always refund the shipping cost difference between what it costs us to package, insure and send and what you paid for delivery. You'll receive the refund into your account within a day of shipping.

In a nutshell, we only charge what it costs us to package, insure and deliver your order. We don't add extra costs or a markup to the delivery charge to make money off our customers.

Check our customer reviews and testimonials; you'll find that our customers often comment on shipping refunds as we find better methods of delivery.

If you're purchasing a gazebo as well as other accessories we will customise your shipping freight based on the company we believe will be best suited based on the products ordered, delivery location, price and expected delivery time. This is calculated on a per order basis, meaning we check every single order to ensure it is sent to you via the best possible service method.

Freight prices are charged based on the physical or cubic weight of the package, whichever is higher, and for delivery via E-Go Road Transport. In some cases we may end up sending the order via Australia Post or on a different freight company (Hunter Express, Toll Ipec, TNT, Fastway Couriers, Brizfreight, etc) if we find their prices to be cheaper and/or their delivery time to be quicker to your location. If we use a different freight company and we find their charges to be cheaper we will refund the freight amount you have been overcharged.

If you have any questions regarding the cost of delivery to you then please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you get a 4.5 m Solid Wall for the OZtrail gazebos in blue or any other colour?
- Rohan (August 2014)

A: The only solid wall available in 4.5m long is in White, it's the OZtrail 4.5m Standard Solid Wall with Centre Zip.
- Gazebos Australia

Got a question before you buy? We're very friendly. Email us.

Warranty Information

OZtrail warrants this product against defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

This warranty excludes faults or failures caused by improper use and abuse; fair wear and tear; or failure to follow instructions regarding care and maintenance. Products used for a commercial nature are not covered by this warranty against defects.

OZtrail Gazebos are ONLY intended as a temporary shade structure, they are not designed to be left up permanently and/or to cover cars or boats. OZtrail Gazebos should not be left up during heavy or constant rain, strong wind or storms.

Check the OZtrail warranty page for comprehensive warranty terms. Or, get in touch if you need further information or want help finding a spare part.


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